What led me to begin my blogging journey…..

For quite a few years now I have suffered with anxiety. Mainly health related worries following becoming a parent and my existence feeling a little more important now that I have two beautiful daughters. That’s not to say that it is, I just feel with the added responsibility and pressures of being a mum have made me, I guess over analyse the smaller things I was once so care free about.

I used to live quite a go with the flow life with little to no worry at all, this all changed for me when becoming a parent. It started off as small worries, A slight pain or unusual feeling and then became much more.

If something small was unsettling me in my life or I was having a bad day a pain in my head could potentially lead me in to hours of panic about what this pain could be, my thoughts obsessing over the pain until I had convinced myself this is it!

Living in this way is quite draining, not just for me but for others around me I imagine too so I woke up this morning and thought 💭 I’m going to give this blogging a go and get a handle on my thoughts and sort this anxiety out once and for all.


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